Thursday, May 10, 2012


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Monday, May 7, 2012

2012 Masters of Mini Series

You already know that the Masters of Mini Series (MoM) is one of North America's largest and most successful pit bike series. You already know that is is a stupid fun time riding a pit bike. What you dont know is what we have planned to make this year go down in the record books! 2012 marks our 10th straight season. Every year we get new riders "discovering" pit bikes and the MoM series. Every year, we have new sponsors showcasing their products. But this year we gave you what you asked for - read on...

New for 2012 - New Tracks, New Schedule, New Rules, Better format, and more choices!

New Tracks: We have added a brand new track that is being custom build by MoM riders for the Masters of Mini Series in Charleton, MA. It is called Thunderbowl. It offers amazing screened dirt, elevation changes and rhythm sections, plus tons of great parking and camping. Another new track is Oakland Valley Race Park just over the boarder in NY State. This one is special because riders have been asking us for years to add not only another asphalt race but a true supermoto. Well ladies and gentlemen, this is a professional outdoor go kart track and it will be a true supermoto (80% asphalt and 20% dirt) They run a supermoto series there and know what they are doing - and they have lights so we will run an day time qualifier and night time finals. They will offer camping and you can even race go karts there Sunday morning before another 4 hour endurance race they have.

Don't worry, we still have our favorites on the schedule like Milford, Marshfield, Cycles and of course we are going back to Englishtown for the big throwdown against the 2up guys (Oh, its on!) We are proud to continue to offer real MX tracks to our racers, not some backyard field. Our lap times range from 1 minute 30 seconds to sometimes upwards of 3 minutes. We also offer what we feel is some of the most challenging of courses and some of the most technical terrain for pit bikes. But dont worry, many of our racers are weekend warriors too, so dont be scared. MoM has it all.
2012 schedule:
Round 1 June 23 MX Milford Riders, CT
Round 2 July 21 MX Charleton, MA*
Round 3 Aug 21 SX Marshfield Fair, MA
Round 4 Sept 8 MX Englishtown, NJ
Round 5 Oct 6 MX Milford Riders, CT
Round 6 Oct 27 SM Oakland Valley Race Park, NY*
Round 7 Nov 17 AS Cycles 128, MA
* New Track for 2012
MX = Motocross, SX = Supercross, SM = Supermoto, AS = Asphalt

MoM 10th year Birthday Party at GPNY 12/8 - goto for details

Beginning of the Year Banquet 1/5/13 (Awards Party and then watch Anaheim SX LIVE in bar)

All details are on the site - new class rules, new tracks, the throw away, EVERYTHING! Go there now

The Summer of George has begun...

Motowear USA will be bringing back its 4 rider team of 2011 that consists of the current Rockstar champion Luc Cotnoir, 3 time Women's champ Katie Cyr, former Rockstar Champ and 2011 Senior champion Mike Letendre, and Kyle Murphy. It's gonna be an exciting summer of racing!

1st one!

Hi everyone, this is our first post on blogger and we hope to be able to keep everyone more up to date with what's going on over at Motowear USA. Things have been crazy as of late as we are gearing up for our team video shoot in a little over a week. But for now here are some great pics of our recent work to hold you over!

2012 Aplinestars SB Neck Brace Graphics Kit $50

2012 Pit Bike M5 Custom Graphics Kit- Josh Ierna 526 Minis $125